I collect a number of things, most of which I buy at car boot sales. For a while I collected ‘Puzzled’Em’ cards. These are simple card games, that one suspects can only be played once, revolving around guessing the identity of everyday objects that have been photographed from unusual angles


I have always been interested in photographs that have been made with little or no artistic intention that actually have a very strong artistic outcome. I also think that the investigation of form rather than meaning is rather refreshing too. I think I had these cards very much in mind when I made the photographs of the elastic bands. I particularly like stationary shops and I purchased a big range of bands from Wright’s Stationers in Newton Abbot, I was quite pleased to find that they came in size coded bags which somehow gave the project greater authenticity. I had set aside a single day and one roll of film for the project. I made 36 exposures on orthochromatic film in the morning and printed them in my darkroom in the afternoon.

Elastica all 36 images

N.B. If you are wondering what the Puzzled’ Em images are:  a) Chair b) Spectacles c) Ring d) Shoe

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